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Seregin's Fine Timepieces is the best for watch repair                      
Seregin's Fine Timepieces: I recently inherited a Patek Philippe wristwatch from my father. It was not in running condition and I was searching for someone local to fix it. I did not want to have to mail it off and my local watch and clock repair person could not really do this watch justice. Through this site I found Paul Seregin. He was truly an answer to my prayer. He was the perfect person to take care of my father's watch. He was extremely conscientious and not expensive. He went over and above to repair a very sentimental and important watch for me. I can't say enough good things about him. If you ever need any watch repaired or needing tender loving care, he is the one to take it to. Don't go anywhere else.

Thank you Mr. Seregin!  It is so refreshing to find an honest and conscientious person like you.

John Stucky Asian Art Museum of San Francisco


Great Customer Service!  
I got a new watch for Christmas and was so excited until I put it on and it was too big. Way too big, I needed links removed ASAP. The watch was from Nieman's but they didnt have the tools to take the links out so they recommended Seregin's. Off I went and not only did they take the links out for free, they polished up my old watch too. Really nice guys work there. Since then, I have taken my man's watch there for a tune-up and they also took out his scratches. Real pros here!
Great Service All Around

I needed to get the battery in my watch replaced and was thinking about getting new straps as well. I found went to Seregin'sand got great service, a good price and quick turnaround. Paul showed me a loarge collection of replacement straps and was very helpful. I will be going to Seregin's for all of my timepieces needs going forward!
Excellent customer service! 
I was given a beautiful TAG Heuer watch recently.  I tried it on and it was a little big.  So I decided to take the watch to a local jeweler.  Very bad mistake!   I ask the gentlemen to take one link out of the band and no scratches this watch is special to me.  He said I’ll do my best; that’s when I should have taken my watch from him and bolted.  Because, after just two minutes with my watch he butchered the bezel on the watch.  He hands me the watch and I notice scratches.  I point them out to him and he said I didn’t do that.  I left the store furious.  Came home and immediately turned on the computer in search of jeweler who could fix my watch.  And that’s when I found SEREGINS.   I stopped into his store on Friday and asked if he could take one link out and remove the scratches from the butcher.  The jewelers looked at the watch and said give me an hour and I’ll fix it.  After, one hour I returned.  I looked at the bezel from many different a
ngles for the scratches, but they were gone I mean totally gone I couldn’t believe my eyes.   I couldn’t thank him enough.  If your watch needs a tune up or repair don’t mail it out of the state.  Take it too SERGINS you will not be disappointed.  They offer fast and friendly customer service at very good rates.  I’ll be recommending SEREGINS too all my friends for their next watch repair or purchase.  These guys are PRO’s.  Thanks again SEREGINS for fixing my watch and the great customer service!!!

-Jesse Richardson
There are those experiences in life that linger like the scent of a pleasant fragrance. Today, Paul, meeting you, talking with you, purchasing this beautiful Luminor Marina (which I have a hard time averting my eyes from) was one such experience. 

From the phone call preceding my entrance to the hand shake good bye to now several hours later, I thoroughly enjoyed that span of time and since. I thank you for that.

I'll look forward to my next opportunity to see you again and, more so, to purchase another beauty for my fledgling collection. 

You're a gentleman. Happy birthday to me indeed. 

William-Arthur Haynes