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We specialize in High End, Certified and Pre-Owned Watches. These timepieces are priced at an excellent value, providing a ideal opportunity for yourself or a significant other. 

Seregins' has been proudly serving San Francisco's fine timepiece passion for nearly 40 years. Our goal is to provide access to those in need of high quality watch repair, restoration & sales of a quality Swiss wrist and pocket watches at fair prices. 

At any given moment Seregin's inventory of watches
includes prestigious marquees, such as Patek Philippe, 
Rolex, Audemars Piquet, Jaeger LeCoultre
Vacheron Constantin, IWC,
Franck Muller, Breitling,
Cartier, Chopard
and more.

325  Mason Street, San Francisco
(415) 397 -4536
Pre-Owned Sales and Repair
We buy jewelry and watches